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Stories in pictures – Thailand 2557: Part 01

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Thai Airways Boeing 777-300ER at gate in Norway. Finally we are going on holiday.

Smile drink #thaiairways #Thailand #thai2557 #travel

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This bottle of Smile Drink we got at the plane from Bangkok to Udon Thani.


We were invited to Grandmas resort located in the Si That not far from where they live.


She has set up four small cottages which she rents out. The twin bed units have a forlang style toilets, shower, and air conditioning.


The resort is named Pant Ti Ra and the cottages are rented out for 400 bath. The sign is nice but there is not much understandable for a forlang.


A farmer plowing his rice fields.


The King and Carabao. Picture of HMK Chulalongkorn Rama V next to Thai Rock band Carabao found at a wall in Isaan.


A proud grandmother with her youngest grandchild.


Television is the main activity in Thailand. This house has 3 satellite dishes.


A nice place to relax on the family’s porch.


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