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Stories in pictures – Thailand 2557: Part 04

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Munks are collecting offerings #Thailand #thai2557 #UdonThani #Isaan #travel

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Sunday morning it was a lot of sounds in the village. I woke up early too monks gathering sacrifice.


Girls and granfater in Khon Kaen Zoo.


Watermelon ice cream is eaten to cool us down.


The zoo also has its own water park.


The Water Park is poorly adapted to the youngest and best suited for children over 12 years. But we did cool down a little in the water.


On the way back we stopped to eat at one of the stalls beside the road. Here’s one of the girls in the family on the Thai side with our youngest.

When tired of handwash your clothes buy a laundry machine #Thailand #thai2557 #travel #UdonThani #Isaan

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When tired of hand wash your clothes buy a laundry machine. This LG model had the cost of 8000 bath.

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